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Independence means different things to different people. Tami Brady, the Author of Regaining Control: When Love Becomes A Prison, has written an excellent book that speaks to all women, regardless of their personal situation and views on independence.
It's a sad fact of life that many women will live at least part of their lives in poverty, or at the very least, have a tough time making ends meet, often while attempting to raise their children without a spouse or helpmate. Oftentimes through no fault of their own, they will be left in less than ideal circumstances. Reading this book and following the steps and guidelines can help you move beyond your current circumstances.
Written in an upbeat, easy to understand style, Regaining Control helps lead you through the questions you need to ask yourself to plan for your future well-being. Touching on many types of problems, personality issues and lifestyle situations, the author shows that change is possible, and lays out in great detail how to succeed to meet your needs. Any reader will find the checklists, questionnaires and forms to be useful. The book will help you find what's truly important to you, and guide you through the process of setting goals and breaking them down, turning them into steps that are easier to reach, and less overwhelming than looking at the big picture without a gameplan.
My daughter works with abused women in an emergency shelter. When she saw this book, she was excited and impressed to have access to an easily understood, easy to follow manual that she could recommend to her clients. That speaks volumes, in my opionion, about the usefullness of this book.

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